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CHMSearchPanel Class Reference

#include <chmsearchpanel.h>

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Detailed Description

Custom built search panel.

Definition at line 58 of file chmsearchpanel.h.

Public Member Functions

 CHMSearchPanel (wxWindow *parent, wxTreeCtrl *topics, CHMHtmlWindow *html)
 Initialized the search panel.
void Reset ()
 Resets the panel (clears the result list and the textbox.).
void SetNewFont (const wxFont &font)
 Sets the font.
 ~CHMSearchPanel ()
 Calls SetConfig().

Protected Member Functions

void OnSearch (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnSearchSel (wxCommandEvent &event)
 This gets called when the user clicks on a result.

Private Member Functions

void GetConfig ()
 Reads the search configuration from .xchm (case sensitive, etc.).
void PopulateList (wxTreeItemId root, wxString &text, bool wholeWords)
 Helper. Searches through the tree recursively.
void SetConfig ()
 Writes the search configuration to .xchm.
bool TitleSearch (const wxString &title, wxString &text, bool caseSensitive, bool wholeWords)
 Helper. Grep searches page titles for the given text.

Private Attributes

wxCheckBox * _partial
wxButton * _search
wxTreeCtrl * _tcl
wxTextCtrl * _text
wxCheckBox * _titles

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