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CHMListCtrl Class Reference

#include <chmlistctrl.h>

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Detailed Description

List control class meant to emulate the look and feel of a wxListBox.

Definition at line 43 of file chmlistctrl.h.

Public Member Functions

void AddPairItem (const wxString &title, const wxString &url)
 Adds a title:url pair to the list. The title is the part that gets displayed, the url is tha page where the HTML window should go when the item is being clicked.
 CHMListCtrl (wxWindow *parent, CHMHtmlWindow *html, wxWindowID id=-1)
 Initializes the custom list control.
void FindBestMatch (const wxString &title)
 Finds the list item that is the best match.
void ListDirty ()
void LoadSelected ()
 Loads the page that corresponds to the item currently selected.
void Reset ()
 Cleans up and removes all the list items.
void UpdateUI ()
 Should be called each time the list control's state changes.

Protected Member Functions

void OnSize (wxSizeEvent &event)
 Gets called when the widget is being resized.

Private Attributes

int _currentSize
wxArrayString _urls

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