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size_t CHMInputStream::OnSysRead ( void *  buffer,
size_t  bufsize 
) [protected, virtual]

Attempts to read a chunk from the stream.

buffer The read data is being placed here.
bufsize Number of bytes requested.
Number of bytes actually read.

Definition at line 116 of file chminputstream.cpp.

References CHMFile::RetrieveObject().

      if(_currPos >= (off_t)_ui.length) {
            m_lasterror = wxSTREAM_EOF;
            return 0;

            return 0;

      if(_currPos + bufsize > (off_t)_ui.length)
        bufsize = _ui.length - _currPos;
      bufsize = 
                                    (unsigned char *)buffer, 
                                    _currPos, bufsize);
      _currPos += bufsize;
      return bufsize;

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