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CHMHtmlWindow::CHMHtmlWindow ( wxWindow *  parent,
wxTreeCtrl *  tc,
CHMFrame frame 

Initializes the widget.

parent The parent widget.
tc Pointer to the tree control we want to synchronize with.
frame Outer frame.

Definition at line 33 of file chmhtmlwindow.cpp.

      : wxHtmlWindow(parent, -1, wxDefaultPosition, wxSize(200,200)),
        _tcl(tc), _syncTree(true), _found(false), _menu(NULL), 
        _absolute(false), _frame(frame)
      , _fdlg(NULL)
      _menu = new wxMenu;
      _menu->Append(ID_PopupForward, _("For&ward"));
      _menu->Append(ID_PopupBack, _("&Back"));

      _menu->Append(ID_CopySel, _("&Copy selection"));
      _menu->Append(ID_PopupFind, _("&Find in page.."));

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