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bool CHMFrame::LoadContextID ( const int  contextID  ) 

Attempts to load a context-ID from within the current chm file.

contextID the context-ID to load.
TRUE if the operation was successful.

Definition at line 463 of file chmframe.cpp.

References CHMFile::ArchiveName(), CHMInputStream::GetCache(), CHMFile::GetPageByCID(), CHMFile::IsValidCID(), and CHMHtmlWindow::LoadPage().

Referenced by CHMApp::OnInit().

      wxBusyCursor bc;

      CHMFile *chmf = CHMInputStream::GetCache();

            return FALSE;

      if( !chmf->IsValidCID( contextID ) )
            return FALSE;

      return _html->LoadPage(wxString(wxT("file:")) + chmf->ArchiveName()
            + wxT("#chm:") + chmf->GetPageByCID( contextID ) );

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