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CHMFrame Class Reference

#include <chmframe.h>

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Detailed Description

The frame, owner of the wxHtmlWindow, contents tree control and all the other nifty stuff.

Definition at line 90 of file chmframe.h.

Public Member Functions

 CHMFrame (const wxString &title, const wxString &booksDir, const wxPoint &pos, const wxSize &size, const wxString &normalFont=wxEmptyString, const wxString &fixedFont=wxEmptyString, const int fontSize=CHM_DEFAULT_FONT_SIZE, const int sashPosition=CONTENTS_MARGIN)
 Brings the frame into existence.
bool LoadCHM (const wxString &archive)
 Attempts to load a .chm file and display it's home page.
bool LoadContextID (const int contextID)
 Attempts to load a context-ID from within the current chm file.
void UpdateCHMInfo ()
 Fills the index and the contents tree.
 ~CHMFrame ()
 Cleans up.

Protected Member Functions

void OnAbout (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when the user clicks on About.
void OnAddBookmark (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when the user clicks on the Add button.
void OnBookmarkSel (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when the user chooses a bookmark from the wxChoice control.
void OnChangeFonts (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when the user wants to change the fonts.
void OnCloseWindow (wxCloseEvent &event)
 Cleanup code. This saves the window position and last open dir.
void OnHistFile (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when the user selects a file from the file history.
void OnHistoryBack (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when the user wants to go back in the history.
void OnHistoryForward (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when the user wants to go forward in the history.
void OnHome (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when the user wants to see the default page.
void OnOpen (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when the user wants to open a file.
void OnPrint (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when the user wants to print the displayed page.
void OnQuit (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when the user closes the window.
void OnRemoveBookmark (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when the user clicks on the Remove button.
void OnSelectionChanged (wxTreeEvent &event)
 Called when an item in the contents tree is clicked.
void OnShowContents (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when the user wants to either disable or enable the contents tree panel on the left.

Private Member Functions

wxPanelCreateContentsPanel ()
 Helper. Creates the contents panel.
wxMenuBar * CreateMenu ()
 Helper. Creates the menu.
bool InitToolBar (wxToolBar *toolbar)
 Helper. Initializes the frame toolbar.
void LoadBookmarks ()
 Helper. Loads the bookmarks for the currently opened CHM file.
void SaveBookmarks ()
 Helper. Saves the bookmarks for the currently opened CHM file.

Private Attributes

bool _bookmarksDeleted
bool _bookmarkSel
wxComboBox * _cb
wxHtmlEasyPrinting * _ep
wxFileHistory _fh
wxString _fixedFont
wxArrayString * _fixedFonts
wxFont _font
int _fontSize
wxMenu * _menuFile
wxMutex _mutex
wxNotebook * _nb
wxString _normalFont
wxArrayString * _normalFonts
wxString _openPath
int _sashPos
wxSplitterWindow * _sw
wxToolBar * _tb
wxTreeCtrl * _tcl

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