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CHMFontDialog Class Reference

#include <chmfontdialog.h>

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Detailed Description

Custom font chooser dialog class.

Definition at line 39 of file chmfontdialog.h.

Public Member Functions

 CHMFontDialog (wxWindow *parent, wxArrayString *normalFonts, wxArrayString *fixedFonts, const wxString &normalFont, const wxString &fixedFont, const int fontSize)
 Constructs a CHMFontDialog.
const wxString & FixedFont () const
 Returns the fixed font face name.
const wxString & NormalFont () const
 Returns the normal font face name.
int * Sizes ()
 Return the selected font size.

Protected Member Functions

void OnUpdate (wxCommandEvent &event)
 This is called when a font is selected from the combo box.
void OnUpdateSpin (wxSpinEvent &event)
 This is called when you click on the font size spin control.

Private Member Functions

void InitDialog (wxArrayString *normalFonts, wxArrayString *fixedFonts)
 Helper. Initializes the dialog with the passed data.
void UpdatePreview ()
 Helper. Updates the font preview window.

Private Attributes

wxComboBox * _fixedFControl
wxString _fixedFont
int _fontSize
wxSpinCtrl * _fontSizeControl
wxComboBox * _normalFControl
wxString _normalFont
int _sizes [7]

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